Delhi the capital of India which is known as the city of rallies is now no less than a hub of education. The exodus of lakhs of students from various parts of the country especially from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar make Delhi a city of dreams also for students. 


There was a time when Delhi was connoisseur for its rich historical sites and political outburst. But now Delhi has become the first choice of studentseither they want to pursue higher education or preparing for IAS and governments exams.

In order to fulfill their dreams students, leave no stone unturned until they confront conundrum regarding accommodation.  


Students are always at sea regarding hygienic food and accommodation.  Many of them prone to malady due to unhealthy living condition. And these often act as a major impediment in accomplishing student’s dream.  Through this blog, I will try to sort out the issue of proper accommodation the facility   by mentioning paying guest in a particular area with their monthly charge    

MUKHERJEE NAGAR - In Delhi, Mukherjee Nagar has always been the best bet for the students.


 This place is overcrowded due to umpteen students who came here for cracking government exams. Owing to this, it is an arduous task to find affordable rooms in Mukherjee Nagar.  In Mukherjee, one can easily find PG price ranging from Rs 6000-14000 depending upon one’s affordability. They can also avail sharing room price ranging from Rs 3000-5000.



GTB NAGAR – PG in Mukherjee Nagar is cheaper than that of GTB Nagar. It is relatively peaceful, posh and greenery area. In this area rent of PG varies from Rs 5000- 14000 and are packed with all basic amenities. Those who desire less pandemonium and congestion less area can avail PG in this area.


KAMLA NAGAR – Kamal Nagar has always been the first choice of Delhi University students for their new home in case they don’t get hostel room. PG in this area is a bit costlier. One has to deposit a hefty security amount before shifting to PG. The average cost of the PG is Rs 8000- 160000.

 VIJAYA NAGAR- If someone has budget constraint then they can choose Vijaya Nagar. Here the rents and living expenses are lower than those of Kamla Nagar. Students having low budget must prefer Kamla Nagar instead of Vijay Nagar.


 SHAKTI NAGAR- It is the nearest locality to the north campus. The nearest metro to Shakti Nagar is Vishwavidyalaya metro. It is also one of the most preferable living destinations for the varsity’s students. Rooms and PG can be availed in this area of price ranging from RS 5000-16000.